Monday, 25 May 2015


Sometimes in life you have to walk away from the things that no longer serve you.

Life is a gift and we sometimes take it for granted, Many of us are creatures of habit, even if those habits aren’t good for us. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is walk from anything that no longer serves us, grows us, or makes us happy. Have you ever found yourself staying in a job that no longer served you? You had reached your growth potential in that position but still stayed there for security or stability. You were basically stuck on the road to nowhere, but you stayed because it was easier than starting over somewhere new, us as human beings, oh no we don't gel very well with the word "change" I’ve often heard people say, “Although I am not happy here, at least I know what to expect here.” 

It's basically financial freedom with a spoonful of unhappiness, but you've dreamt about financial freedom with a massive glass full of happiness and fulfilment right? It is that fear of the unknown that keeps people in a holding pattern, that fear of having to work immensely hard to get what you want and what if it doesn't work out? that massive risk of losing everything to be genuinely happy. It’s that fear of the unknown that prevents growth from taking place. "But how will I survive without it, him or her"

Have you ever found yourself staying in a relationship that was more of a curse than a blessing? I used the word curse because a curse is something that brings trouble or bad luck to your life. If you are in something that fills your life with disappointment, leaves you feeling depleted, takes away from your life instead of enhancing your life, that’s a curse, well in my opinion. 

I truly believe life is what YOU make it, whatever it is that you desire to do in your heart do it!

You are in control of your own life, trust that you are wise enough to make your own decisions, sometimes our environment can cloud our visions and our decisions.

20 Walk with the wise and become wise,
    for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Proverbs 13:20 

Outfit details:
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Top - Topshop
Skirt - TFNC
Bag - Chanel
Hair by Radiant

Shot By Nasryne.

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