Wednesday, 1 June 2016

"Dry Babes" Friends, Food & Creativity.

I love my friends, I love to cook and I absolutely love being creative.

I am someone that is always down for good time whenever and wherever.

I love to host, I love to smile, I love being happy and these three words " Friends, Food and Creativity" make me extremely happy especially when they are all combined together in one room.

I had a few friends over on the weekend where I got to cook a few of my favourite dishes, drink some of my favourite homemade cocktails and smoke some of my favourite earthly goodness ha!

And I must say I had a lovely time, we danced, we talked, we debated, we laughed, and we loved but most importantly our bellies were full with yummy food :-)

We breathed in balloons and escaped life for about 10 seconds floating on cloud 9, giddy with dazed eyes ha.

But overall I must say the day and night was so cute, I believe it's important to take time out of your busy schedules and connect with your friends, share stories and memories and also embrace each others journeys as we each embark on different paths to what we dream to be successful.

Life is truly what you make it and I just want to live one where I look back on all my memories and smile :-)

Surround yourself with good energy, good people and most importantly GOOD food lol.

You'll never look back once you do that :)

Shot by Mulan edited by Me :)