Monday, 16 May 2016


We've got to make a change 
We can't carry on this on this way.

The youth today has changed
I don't remember it being this is way.

Turnt against each other by a point of a knife
Before their eyes.

We got to make a change we can't carry on this way 
We are brothers and sisters created by God in his own Devine way.

Don't take away gods best creation 
Don't take away a gift that you are blessed with.

Why is it so hard for our black male youths to love one another how deep does it go..

From our Ancestor being beat black and blue by another race why are we now beating each other black?

Why have we turned against our own race?


Where does this violence and anger stem from?

Something that happens every month

It has to

Why are we so violent towards each..

Is it the competition/comparisons?

The rush to be extravagantly rich to show off watches, cars "lifestyles" materialistic things 

To prove we can make it, to prove we too can live a good, successful happy life?

Keep that drive and ambition but subtract the violence, the love for money and the competition.

The desire for money is the route to all evil.

Don't let money be your only passion your only drive or else it will drive you to dark places.

Stop competing with each other, stop desiring the wrong things, slow down.. Embrace one another as brothers and sisters.

Help one another, lead one another, support one another LOVE on another.

You are your only competition.

No one else.

'Love thy neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." Mark 12:31 



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