Monday, 19 January 2015

To help yourself, you must be yourself.

To help yourself, you must be yourself, don't worry the world will adjust, let go of the thoughts "what will people think of me" when you are being your true self, you will attract the right people, who will not judge, but accept you for who you are, so follow that dream, fight those fears and be the best YOU can be. 

Working and living in such a judgemental world can be so hard at times, you find yourself comparing and judging. When I first got in to the fashion industry I wasn't sure who I was, I didn't no who to be or how to carry myself, I wanted to stand out and be like all the other stylists, designers and fashion icons I use to research and see but as months went by and then years I realised that wasn't me, I was trying to fit in and be like "everyone" else. 

What we need to realise and accept is that we all have our own qualities and talents  and through being our true selves we can perfect them and eventually be the best we can be! Thought I would share some words of inspiration today :-) have a lovely day all and remember to help your self you must be yourself!

Outfit details:

Body- siksilk
Dress - motel rocks 
Shoes - river island 
Bag -Primark 
Jewellery - go go Phillips

Shot by Nasryne

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